1. Platinum: The Lee Diamond Choice
  • This is a strong and durable metal perfect for daily wear.
  • Platinum has a silver white appearance which increases the brilliance of its captive stones.
  • This metal is highly resistant to stress and deals well with extreme temperatures.
  • Platinum jewellery retains its looks better than any other metal and is ideal for those who suffer from metal allergies as it does not contain any nickel.
  • All of this unfortunately comes at a price higher than gold.


  1. Gold
  • As with all precious metals, gold will not rust, tarnish or erode.
  • Gold is far more malleable than platinum making it the perfect choice for detailed designer jewellery.
  • Gold has always been a worthy investment metal.
  • Comes in your choice of yellow, white and/or rose gold
  • Not suitable for those who suffer from metal allergies.
  • White gold requires re-plating as the rhodium does wear away over time.


  1. 9K vs 18K gold?
  • Primary difference is the purity of the gold.
  • 9K jewellery is less pure as the piece contains 37.5% pure gold whereby 18K is 75% pure gold.
  • 9K jewellery is therefore more affordable than 18k.
  • There are medial options such as 12K which is 50% pure gold.
  • 24K is pure gold.